AH6LE Repeater and Remote Base System

The 146.920 repeater is back on the air from its new home atop Highland Butte (which is up above Beavercreek, Oregon) at the 1,500 level. Coverage seems to be great!

Great news! We have completed the installion at the top of Parrett Mountain! The UHF (442.675) repeater is now operational. As we expected coverage to be EXCELLENT!



Parrett Mountain, Oregon (Newberg) 442.675 Out / 447.675 In PL 100.0 Hz (1Z)


  • Radio Type: Quintron QT-6700 UHF Repeater
  • Power Output: 90 watts continuous duty
  • Duplexer: Wacom WP-678 Bp/Br
  • Preamp: AngleLinear PHMET low noise
  • Controller: Arcom RC210
  • 430 Link Radio: GE MastrII Exec, full-duplex
  • 2 Meter Remote Base: Kenwood TM-271A, remotely programmable
  • Antennas: UHF - StationMaster 7.2 Db(i), VHF - Comet CA-ABC 23 7.8 Db(i)
  • Link Antenna: Sinclabs 5 element yagi
  • Located just west of Wilsonville, this repeater and remote base provides great coverage from Salem/Corvallis to the South, to the Cascades to the East to well past Vancouver to the North.

    Butteville, OR IRLP/EchoIRLP computer and Hub Repeater

  • Power Output: 25 watts
  • Repeater: Kenwood TKR-850
  • Controller: Arcom RC210
  • Duplexer: Sinclair MR-356
  • Antenna: Comet P50

  • Highland Butte, OR (Beavercreek)

    146.920 Out / 146.320 In 107.2 Hz (1B)

  • Radios: Kenwood TKR-750/TPL Amplifier
  • Power Output: 120 watts VHF
  • Duplexer: Telewave TPRD-1556 6 cavity Bp/Br
  • Preamp: VHF - AngleLinear PHMET with 2 cavity preselector/filter
  • Controller: Arcom RC210
  • 430 Link Radio: pair Midland 70-524B
  • Antennas: VHF - Diamond F23 @ 167'
  • Link Antenna: Sinclab 5 element yagi
  • This repeater provides solid coverage from well north of Vancouver, WA, Hillsboro to Salem (and points south) and points East. Access to IRLP and the 2 Meter Remote Base is via the links and hub repeater


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